Repair, protect and activate your skin cells and in turn naturally correct all skin concerns with our BEEP treatment. By applying alternate wave energy above the skin, this technology creates pathways (Aquaporins) to the deepest level of the skin, enabling us to infuse highly concentrated serums into your skin cells.


Our Microneedling device creates microscopic channels via titanium/stainless steel needle cartridges, which allow Dermal Infusion Drops to be introduced into the dermal layer. Your skin, through its natural regeneration process, produces natural collagen and elastic, targeting fine lines, acne scars, uneven skintone and enlarged pores. 


This medical-grade delivery system will leave your skin feeling younger for longer. Employing Shibata Stimulation, this non-invasive, skin activating treatment promotes long term skin health by generating natural collagen and elastin, without any pain, inflammation, blood or risk.

We've got all your skincare needs covered!

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